The tournament will be played in teams o 3 members. Each team represents a specific club, with at least one team player it must also be a member the club. Clubs can register up to 2 teams.

Bracket – Double elimination

Tournament type is double elimination. The start position of the winner's bracket is randomly drawn and determined before the tournament. If you are not familiar with this system, we have prepared an example of a double elimination bracket to explain it.

As the name understands, the system is based on being 2 brackets. One so-called winner’s bracket and second loser’s bracket. There are 6 teams registered in the picture. Each represented as Tx (x is the number of the team: T1, T2, T3, etc.). Each team starts at winner's bracket. If the team loses, it moves to loser’s bracket. There he then fights with other teams who also lost. In case of loser’s bracket, the team is then eliminated. The winner is always winner's bracket against the loser’s bracket winner.

Competitive formát – Last hero standing (team version)

If you know how the classic last hero standing works, the team version differs only in that each team has 3 players instead of 3 decks. Then each player has one deck. See the next paragraph for exact information.

In our version of Last hero standing it works as follows. Each team has exactly 3 players. Each of these players prepares one deck by standard format. Each of the 3 decks in the team must be a different class, or other hero. For example, a team cannot have 2 Warlock Decks.

At the start of the game, the captains secretly, without notifying another team, will choose one player (or one deck) to play. The team whose player (Deck) loses is eliminated and may not play the game anymore. The defeated team then selects the player to play the next round. The winning team is still playing with the player (Deck) who won, until the player is eliminated, thus not losing.

The team that first eliminates all 3 players of the opponent's team wins. So it is Bo5, or best of five. A little easier explanation found in the video. However, it should be noted that this video explains normal Last hero standing, not a team version. Therefore, each player in the video must be taken as a team and each deck as a single player of the team.

If you have any questions about this format, or something is unclear, feel free to contact us by email

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