Have you already noticed our actions? Want to get involved and play with us? But you don't know how to get to our tournaments? It's not that complicated again!

What is this project about?

Student Gaming League is a project of student university clubs in Prague. Only this sentence brings many. Tournaments run between these clubs and clubs. As you can read in our rules, a part of the team must be composed of members of the club or club (depending on the nature of the event). This means that the team is playing for the club. Thus, all players with this club need to be at least a communication link. Our events are primarily intended for students.

Who already works in SGLeague?

The current club representation is as follows:

  • Silicon Hill – Dormitory club SU ČVUT
  • 4FIS – Student club VŠE (faculty FIS)
  • +/- FEE - Club of Interest ČVUT (active at FEL)
  • FIT ++ - Club of Interest SU ČVUT (Club of FIT)
  • Klub Čajovna – Club of Interest SU ČVUT
  • Faculty club BION – Interest club SU ČVUT

We are gradually expanding on another, and we like to take new faces to our train. You can find the contacts of the substitutes for the clubs at https://www.sgleague.cz/clenove/

How do I get involved?

So you're interested in getting involved, but now you don't know what to do? There are several options:

1) I am a member of one of the organizing clubs

All you have to do is call your representatives or your club's management. They are happy to help you get involved and let us know.

2) I go to school / faculty where one of the clubs is active

Just like the previous point - just contact the club's contact person.

3) I'm in a club that doesn't work with you yet

Are you a member of a club, club or project and would you be interested in getting involved? There is no problem. Ask you if they know us and if they would be interested. Then just connect. Email us at hr@sgleague.cz a vše už zařídíme.

4) I'm not a member of any club, but I know some at my school / faculty

Here too is a very simple procedure. Let us know that you are interested in participating and that you know these associations. Also suggest to the club that students are interested in it. We will try to negotiate with these associations. If there are people who are interested in playing, the club is very happy to get involved. This is how the Čajovna Club joined us - the players themselves told them they wanted to play for them.

5) I'm not in any club or I know no club.

That's all right. Send email to hr@sgleague.cz from what school and faculty you are and we will try to think of something!

6) I am not a university student, but I am interested in this project

Here are some restrictions. The rules still count on the fact that most players are students and everything is done in this direction. As part of the game, it is purely at the club, as it does. As far as the organization is concerned, it is enough to contact us. We can meet and have fun about what could be done.

All points work the same for engaging in both gaming and organization. If you are interested in joining our SGLeague project, do not hesitate and write to us! You will meet many active and nice people who enjoy mega.

I hope to see you at the next events!

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