Why did SGL rise?

For a long time, Prague has been talking about mutual cooperation and co-organizing events on campus. Many attempts have already failed or failed to achieve what they wanted. But despite the great difficulties and stereotypes, several representatives of the clubs in Prague met with enthusiasm.
The idea is simple - we enjoy gaming, we see potential in it and we don't think it's important who is where. And that is exactly what we have gathered in abundance and said that we will be the change.

What makes it more?

The merger of two magnates in Prague, CTU and the University of Economics, Prague is the first step towards creating a stable base, which is exactly what is being sought.
The project is not designed for commercial or school comparison purposes, but as an opportunity for fun, relaxation and enjoyment of a pleasant community.

How will it work?

The current vision is based on good cooperation between the participants. They are all equal, so they have the same rights and duties. The current schedule counts on periodic LAN tournaments as the cornerstone that will be a cup between organizations.
The second part, which is supposed to greatly support the overall growth, is the cooperation and involvement of internal actions in the SGL time schedule.

Why did we want to go?

Perhaps we need not mention the community or the students. That's certainty. Also, as already mentioned, this applies to the overall vision. But what not just anyone sees, is the fact that we can actively cooperate and help in the direction that we find right. We are ambitious, proactive and we believe that this pact will open up a world of incredible wonders. And that's what gaming is about…


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