SGL Summer 2019

1. 5. 2019

SGL Summer 2019

Třetí turnaj v řadě je uspořádán na den lásky. Jedná se o první venkovní akci – lanka pod širým nebem. Hrajeme hru Hearthstone a součástí je i bohatý doprovodný program. Prostory zaštiťuje Klub Čajovna mezi bloky 6 a 7 na Strahově.

FEL LAN party

17. 4. 2019

FEL LAN party

Na podporu vzniku gamingové sekce v klubu +/-FEL pomáháme uspořádat akci v prostorách FELu na ČVUT. Jedná se o akci, na kterou přišlo 70 lidí. Turnaj probíhá ve hře CS 1.6

Establishing cooperation with BEST Prague

12. 4. 2019

Navázání spolupráce s BEST Prague

We approached the BEST Prague club with the opportunity to join SGL. They have agreed and already have a SGL Summer 2019 team.

Establishing cooperation with BEST Prague

11. 4. 2019

Navázání spolupráce s IAESTE

IAESTE CTU in Prague joined SGL and has its SGL Summer 2019 team.

Big meeting

4. 3. 2019

After the SGL Spring event, which has received more than enough positive feedback, we conclude that the project as we thought about it can work. However, it is necessary to divide the roles of individual members and clarify the idea of the project. At this meeting, the organizational structure is defined, the management is appointed and another project direction is agreed.

SGL Spring 2019

23. 2. 2019

SGL Spring 2019

The second tournament takes place at the turn of the summer and winter semester of 2018/2019 at the Faculty of Information Technology of CTU under the auspices of the FIT ++ club. Five teams will play League of Legends.

Domain purchase and site creation

5. 12. 2018

Before the end of 2018, the idea of SGLeague is so strong that we decide to definitely develop it and buy the domain from Active24.

Big plans

4. 12. 2018

The first successful event is to celebrate. That is why a part of the organizational team is being removed by LAN, where it discusses the future of the whole SGLeagueeague in a big way. There are people to whom our visions seem unattainable, but we have decided to make them all into one.

SGL Winter 2018

3. 12. 2018

SGL Winter 2018

First joint action, for most of us the first action of such size. More than 20 players take part in the CS: GO tournament at Silicon Hill Training Center. The event is sponsored by Silicon Hill.

At the beginning there was a thought…

23. 6. 2018

Na začátku byla myšlenka…

The birth of the idea of collaboration between two major student organizations, Silicon Hill and 4FIS student clubs. The idea behind this idea is also the X LAN party event organized by SHerna, which is also involved in SGLeague. At this event, members of the project receive Silicon Hill experience

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