Another of our series is HERE! Only SGL Spring 2019 has passed, and we are here with another SGL Summer 2019! But this time we have many changes! Now the action will be more community-based and more in the spirit of student life and generally gaming. This song is open to all students who wish to come to Strahov on the Labor Day and launch a pair of gaming in the name of gaming! Waiting for you a rich program, music, tap and perhaps even the pool!


Basic information
Tournament schedule
Accompanying program schedule
Stream schedule
Important links
Extracurricular activities
What to bring
Action partners
Rules of action

Basic information

Date: 1. 5. 2019
Time: 13:00 – 21:00
Place: Strahov Dormitory, Between Blocks 6 and 7 (50.081172, 14.392210)
Game: Hearthstone

Tournament schedule

13:00-14:00  Player registration
14:00-19:00  Hearthstone Tournament
19:00-20:00  Tournament final in Hearthstone
20:00-20:30  Prize giving to winners
21:00-02:00  Afterparty

13:00 – 20:00 Out-of-court entertainment in ChillZone

The schedule is subject to possible adjustments before or during the event.

    Accompanying program schedule

    The program is now very rich in activities for everyone who arrives! We are still looking for you many options to have fun during the event. We will post information here and on Facebook. And you really have something to look forward to!

    Harmonogram stream

    This time the stream will be conducted in a slightly more relaxed style. You can look forward to many of the venue entries, interviews with participants or organizers, footage from out-of-day activities and, of course, the end of the tournament finals between the clubs in Hearthstone!

    We will continuously add streaming times.
    HThe schedule is subject to possible modifications before or during the event.

    Important links
    Facebook page SGL
    Facebook event



    1. The selected game for this event is HearthStone.
    2. The rules are closely linked to the event format. Each player is obliged to get acquainted with the format of the event and to play according to it. The game format is available on this link.
    3. The event organizer reserves the right to change the format of the event or rules.
    4. In the event of a violation of the rules or a late appearance by one of the players, the match may be forfeited to the opponent.
    5. Players do not under any circumstances start the game without instruction from the organizers.

    Organization of games

    1. Within 10-20 minutes before the start of the tournament, players will report to the organizers' table and look at the genius bracket. It is the players' own duty to watch when their upcoming matches are in order to arrive in time. If you're not sure, ask the tournament organizers at the table.
    2. When it is time for a match, players come to the organizers table and tell which deck they have selected for the next game. They then receive instructions on the game.
    3. Immediately after the end of the match both teams report together and confirm the results at the organizers' table.


    1. Each player plays alone. No one on his team is involved in the game on which the game is played.
    2. Team players can communicate with each other during the game. (Simply, everyone has to click, but you play together as a team so you can advise.)
    3. During the game is prohibited try to listen to the opponent's communication, watch a spectatio (or stream) screen, communicate with anyone outside the 3 player team or trying to get an unfair advantage in any other way. Violation of this rule leads to immediate disqualification.


    Přihlášené týmy


    Heroes of FBMI
    Hráč 1: elucidator#2854 (Hunter)
    Deck ID
    Hráč 2: Khan#2742 (Rogue)
    Deck ID
    Hráč 3: MRRatata#2190 (Paladin)
    Deck ID

    Silicon Hill

    Segmentation Fault
    Hráč 1: darciFromVIP#2166 (Rogue)
    Deck ID
    Hráč 2: KesyStoner#2663 (Warrior)
    Deck ID
    Hráč 3: Fobia#21705 (Druid)
    Deck ID

    Maruška’s Boiz
    Hráč 1: #21299 (Rogue)
    Deck ID
    Hráč 2: #2338 (Druid)
    Deck ID
    Hráč 3: #2338 (Warrior)
    Deck ID


    Hráč 1: Sid0rr0#2714 (Hunter)
    Deck ID
    Hráč 2: Flagster#2936 (Warrior)
    Deck ID
    Hráč 3: Byte#2188 (Rogue)
    Deck ID


    Hráč 1: Spikes#2296 (Druid)
    Deck ID
    Hráč 2: Mithran #2606 (Mage)
    Deck ID
    Hráč 3: MrOnion#2270 (Warrior)
    Deck ID


    Hráč 1: SkyGuardian#2461 (Warrior)
    Deck ID
    Hráč 2: Škuty#2244 (Mage)
    Deck ID
    Hráč 3: Lajky12#2129 (Rogue)
    Deck ID


    Hráč 1: IceDog23#2746 (Mage)
    Deck ID
    Hráč 2: Ondrovnik#2760 (Warlock)
    Deck ID
    Hráč 3: SilentStorm#24748 (Hunter)
    Deck ID


    Hráč 1: Grayfoox#2593 (Priest)
    Deck ID
    Hráč 2: Qaker#2749 (Rogue)
    Deck ID
    Hráč 3: LittlePatokk#2429 (Hunter)
    Deck ID

    Game rules and format will be gradually updated according to the number of registered teams.

    Out of the Tournament activities

    • Free play – Hearthstone Fireside Gathering
    • Live stream + komentátoři
    • Bar Yellow Caravan - alcoholic, non-alcoholic, beer
    • Red Bull car with DJ
    • Jäger Beets
    • Beat Saber tournament
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Talk with Zvědátoři
    • Swimming pool

    What to bring

    • mobile phone, tablet or laptop (WiFi connection) + charger
    • good mood
    • friends as fans
    • plavky do bazénu výhodou

    Action partners



    Rules of action

    The rules of the event will gradually be built on partnership building. The rules of the event will adjust the necessary categories for a successful day.

    General SGLeague rules can be found here:

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